Congregational Themed Ministry

Westwood has an annual theme that connects ministry for all ages. The goals of the themed ministry are to:

  • Deepen and enrich our spiritual community
  • Integrate the many areas and purposes of our congregation through a common focus
  • Strengthen our individual and collective Unitarian Universalist identities

2016-17 Theme:  Canadian Unitarians Explore …

  • September: Invitation
  • October: Blessing
  • November: Letting Go
  • December: Expectation
  • January: Creation
  • February: Love & Justice
  • March: Simplicity
  • April: Resistance
  • May: Compassion
  • June: Growth

Themes From Previous Years

2015-2016 Building Bridges

2014-2015  Compassionate Community

Inspired by our Westwood Purpose Statement – we explored what it means to be a Compassionate Community

  • September: Compassionate Beginning
  • October: Compassionate Commerce
  • November: Compassionate Rhythms
  • December: Compassionate Conscience
  • January: Compassionate Exploration
  • February: Compassionate Living
  • March: Compassionate Creativity
  • April: Compassionate Growth
  • May: Compassionate Freedom
  • June: Compassionate Endings

2013-2014 Living Our UU Purposes and Priniciples

Over the course of the year we became more familiar with our 7 Unitarian Universalist principles and how they are, or could be, reflected in our daily lives.