Congregational Themed Ministry

Westwood has an annual theme that connects ministry for all ages. The goals of the themed ministry are to:

  • Deepen and enrich our spiritual community
  • Integrate the many areas and purposes of our congregation through a common focus
  • Strengthen our individual and collective Unitarian Universalist identities

2018-19 Theme

Seasons of Change

Themes From Previous Years

2017-18 Theme:

We’re going to make a deeper study of our beloved Candle Affirmation:

May the light of these candles inspire us to use our power, 

To heal and not to harm, to help and not to hinder,

To serve the spirit of truth in loving affection and trusting hope.

 Embracing Our Affirmation… 

  • September – affirmation
  • October – light
  • November – inspire us
  • December – use our power
  • January – heal & not harm
  • February – help & not hinder
  • March – serve
  • April – spirit of truth
  • May – loving affection
  • June – trusting hope

2016-17 Theme:  Canadian Unitarians Explore …

  • September: Invitation
  • October: Blessing
  • November: Letting Go
  • December: Expectation
  • January: Creation
  • February: Love & Justice
  • March: Simplicity
  • April: Resistance
  • May: Compassion
  • June: Growth

2015-2016 Building Bridges

2014-2015  Compassionate Community

Inspired by our Westwood Purpose Statement – we explored what it means to be a Compassionate Community

  • September: Compassionate Beginning
  • October: Compassionate Commerce
  • November: Compassionate Rhythms
  • December: Compassionate Conscience
  • January: Compassionate Exploration
  • February: Compassionate Living
  • March: Compassionate Creativity
  • April: Compassionate Growth
  • May: Compassionate Freedom
  • June: Compassionate Endings

2013-2014 Living Our UU Purposes and Principles

Over the course of the year we became more familiar with our 7 Unitarian Universalist principles and how they are, or could be, reflected in our daily lives.

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