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Cherished Westwood Members and Friends,

It’s time once again for our annual invitation to support Westwood financially.

Westwood has been through many challenges in the last year – we need your support more than ever. We are feeling the loss of our minister, Rev Anne Barker, who carried so much of the load and gave us continuous guidance, inspiration and comfort.

We are only able to cover some of what she did but we are still here! We have explored various ways to manage our ongoing Sunday services without a minister. That planning and service delivery is still heavily dependent on support from board members. We are continuing to explore other options for service support, short term ministry and/or improved ways to let people know about us and what we can offer.

Despite the challenges we have successfully re-opened the building, making it as safe as possible with RC air filtering, limiting maximum crowd size, and invitations to continue masking, hopefully not much longer.

  • Monthly Second Sunday potluck lunches have resumed and are beginning to feel like the wonderful community gatherings we loved before.
  • Two online chalice circles,
  • Winter Solstice service,
  • Harmonia choir,
  • the Freethinker book club,
  • a Mindfulness Meditation group,
  • the Compassion Bank,
  • and FUNdraising auction are still going.
  • We also offer space to a monthly music group, the Unprepareds
  • We started multi-platform services in September, hired a young person, Hannah, to be our ongoing Sunday morning technician, and trained a bunch of Westwoodians to assist her and be our backups.

And we are excited to be launching our three-part Sunday afternoon Reconciliation Speaker series: Beyond Land Acknowledgements, starting February 19th and continuing in April and June.

This is a step towards educating ourselves and others in the wider community about the history of our area and gives us an opportunity to make connections with Indigenous people from the Papaschase First Nation.

We also invite you to not only explore our Truth & Reconciliation Resources page but make suggestions for additions as well.

A huge THANK YOU to all the people who are putting so much time and effort into all these endeavours.

In the last few years we have been leaning heavily on casino proceeds – something we would rather not have to do, but which has been a necessity. 

Our membership numbers have been shrinking, part of a trend that we share with other religious groups but accelerated by COVID and the interruption in personal contact.  Volunteers are getting older and are willing but have less capacity.

Nevertheless, we are a rather special religious community. We offer the benefits of community, open to all, and we provide opportunities to explore spiritual matters along with the freedom to bring one’s own authentic beliefs and personal spirituality.

We can only be a community when we have enough dedicated support in time and money.  I agreed to come back to the board because I believe this community is immensely worthwhile. I invite you to help out by volunteering or attending and by making a generous monthly or annual pledge to ensure we continue.  We can make a way forward together. 

Once again, with affection,

Lorian Kennedy,

President, Board of Trustees

Why is Westwood important to You?

The Way Leads On

All Westwood members and friends are invited to share in the spirit of this beloved community.

What aspects of this community are most important to you?

What activities are most important to you?

What are you willing and able to contribute to make those things happen?

Contact about ways to get involved.

All contributions, large and small, are deeply appreciated.

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