Our Organization

Shared Ministry

Westwood is deeply committed to ‘Shared Ministry’ – where the work of the congregation is balanced between members, friends, staff and professional leadership.

Ministry at Westwood is more verb than noun – with the emphasis on how we live out our beliefs and commitments.

Shared ministry is not just how we conduct Sunday morning services. Ministry means service, and we serve each other in many ways at Westwood.

Learning from the insights, skills and gifts of all who participate, we aim to honour diverse perspectives and strengthen our understanding of a meaning-filled life.

Read the Covenant of Right Relations for Westwood.

Learn about our Shared Ministry Team.

Lay Leadership

Westwood is currently lay lead by the Board and Team Leaders providing services and events for members, friends and the larger community. We collaborate with the larger Unitarian Universalist community though guest ministers for some services and events as well as participation in the Canadian Unitarian Council.

Lay Chaplins

In Canada, Unitarian Universalist Lay Chaplains serve the community by performing weddings, memorial services and other ceremonies. They are licensed to perform weddings in Alberta or the province/territory of their residence.

Member's & Friend's

What does it mean to be a member or friend of Westwood? Read more.

Our Board

Our board of trustees works together with staff and Westwood members to provide direction and stewardship.

Volunteers & Committees

Westwood is only possible through the help of many volunteers and the work of several committees.

Our Administor

Looking for the office administrator?  Right here!

Ministry is that quality of being in community that affirms human dignity –
beckons forth hidden possibilities, invites us into deeper, more constant,
reverent relationships, and carries forward our heritage of hope and liberation.

Ministry is what we do together as we celebrate
triumphs of our human spirit
Miracles of birth and life
Wonders of devotion and sacrifice.

Ministry is what we do together – with one another –
in terror and torment – in grief, in misery and pain,
enabling us in the presence of death to say yes to life.

We who minister speak and live the best we know
with full knowledge
that it is never quite enough

And yet are reassured
by lostness found
fragments reunited, wounds healed
and joy shared.

Ministry is what we all do – together.