Free Thinker Friendly

Westwood Unitarian has become Canada’s first Free Thinker Friendly Congregation.

The Free Thinker Friendly program is supported by the Unitarian Universalist Humanist Society. The program is designed to ensure that atheists, agnostics, humanists and free-thinkers are both recognized and welcomed within our congregations. Unitarian-Universalism in North America has long welcomed those with all religious orientations, however, we have sometimes not noted that this includes those with no religious or theistic beliefs.

The program challenges us, as a Congregation to:

  1. Be explicit in our welcoming statements and other language that atheists, agnostics, Humanists and Free Thinker are both welcomed and respected for their beliefs.
  2. We discuss within our Congregation ways we both support and discourage those with these religious and non-religious outlooks.
  3. We offer time and place for alternate religious or non religious groups to socialize, network  and learn from each other
  4. To reach out to the atheist and Humanist communities in the city and the province.

To meet these goals we have been examining our language (and this website) and are sponsoring a Free Thinker Friendly book club.

We welcome comments and suggestions for ways that we can expand our inclusiveness towards these individual and communities

A Welcome Message from the Founder of Westwood's Free Thinker Book Club