Traditional Lands of Treaty 6 First Nations and the homelands of the Métis Nation of Alberta Region 4.

Westwood Unitarian Congregation

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A compassionate community of free religious thought, inviting all people to rest, grow, and serve the world.

Announcements & Events

To advertise a Westwood event in the various congregational news outlets, simply email: and

Your message will go to the people in charge of posting:

  • Weekly Announcements
  • Upcoming Events
  • Westwood’s Facebook Page

Help our communications team:

Text document or email text only, not pdf. 

Include appropriate, well focused images or graphics to accompany your text. Long blocks of text don’t get read.

Images should be medium size, in jpg or png format only, and copywrite free.

Not all events sent to the web team will appear on the Facebook page – specify if you particularly want your event to appear there.

All content appearing on the website will have personal information cut, unless permission is given when the event information is submitted. Use a Westwood alias for published contact when possible.

Deadlines: Weekly announcements: Thursdays 9am

Team Email (Aliases)

Westwood’s email aliases are the set of email addresses ending in To avoid spam and protect privacy, Westwood is using these email addresses that are forwarded to individuals or groups. The aliases also offer a standard, consistent address for reaching the current members serving in a role, even when the members change.

How do I update an alias?
To set up or change the recipient of a ‘Westwood email’ with the ending, send the names and email addresses to be added/removed to

You can ask for confirmation of who the current recipients are on your team’s email address.

How do aliases work?
When you are set up with an alias, messages sent to your address will simply be forwarded to your personal email address. The address can forward to one person or a group.

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