Westwood’s Lay Chaplains serve Edmonton and the surrounding area by performing:

  • weddings (officially licensed by the Government of Alberta)
  • funerals and memorial services
  • child dedications
  • handfasting blessings
  • other ceremonies recognizing significant life passages such as reaffirming vows, dissolution of a relationship, coming of age, loss of a pet, graduation, or retirement.

Our Lay Chaplains welcome the opportunity to adapt ceremonies to the needs and wishes of the celebrants, thus creating a personalized experience. Using the services of a Westwood Lay Chaplain allows couples or families the opportunity to mark a life passage in a spiritual way, even if they do not subscribe to any particular religion.

Leigh Bornn

Leigh Bornn

Our Lay Chaplains are flexible as to the location of the ceremony, be it at Westwood Unitarian Congregation, a chapel or a more informal venue.


For more information please download and read our Ceremonies and Rites of Passage brochure (pdf, 3.4MB).

There are many types of ceremonies our lay chaplains can provide for you. To see our fee schedule visit the Ceremony Fees page.


Leigh Bornn was installed as one of Westwood’s lay chaplains on Sunday June 9, 2013. Leigh is a caring and creative person with a keen eye for detail. She loves to travel, to bake and help people in the community. She brings diverse training and a wealth of practical experience to this role.

“I am delighted that you have found us. As the current Westwood Lay Chaplain serving the wider Edmonton community. I look forward to working with you and getting to know you better”

Email Leigh at laychaplain@westwoodunitarian.ca

The Lay Chaplain committee is seeking another chaplain to serve Westwood and the wider Edmonton community.


See Below for current posts about our Lay Chaplains.

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