Poem: Rumi - Listening
Compassion Bank

Compassionate Connections 1, photo by Lorian Kennedy

The Compassion Bank of Westwood is open to members & friends of Westwood.
Deposits & withdrawals are welcome for a …

  • Listener
  • Nourisher 
  • Visitor 
  • Transporter 
  • Handihelper
  • And more…


The bank is created to address gaps in compassionate connections among us identified in our congregational survey.
We need more awareness about what is needed, an organized congregational system for compassionate connections & clarity concerning congregational roles & responses.

For details about the Compassion Bank & its intentions, click here….

Compassion Log

Compassion Log is available in our sanctuary at Westwood for members & friends to share with each other. The Log is created as one way to foster communication of a compassionate nature beyond Sunday services candles of concern & celebration. A way of sharing for folks unable to attend services, including our staff & volunteers. The log is located at the back of the church, near the newcomer information table. For details about Westwood’s Compassion Log & its purposes, click here